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I have to tell you that I had soooo much fun at Natalie’s bootcamp last night! It’s right around the corner from my house, there were six of us so great size of group, and the positive energy in that room was awesome, plus I worked hard and didn’t feel awkward at all!  It was really great! ~ Lisa

I have been working with Natalie since January 2011 through both one-on-one sessions as well as in a group environment.  She is creative, very competent, punctual and reliable with excellent interpersonal skills.  Workout routines are interesting and constantly changed to challenge different muscle groups with emphasize on balance and core strength. She is consistently attentive – always focused on me, correcting my form if needed and ensuring that I exercise to exhaustion.

Since I began working with Natalie, I have gained confidence in my physical abilities and have seen great results in my overall fitness level. I am inspired by her personal fitness accomplishments such as competing in marathons and living a very healthy and active lifestyle.

I would not hesitate to recommend Natalie Veras to any individual needing a personal fitness trainer.  If you need any more information, please feel free to ask her to provide you with my contact information as I would be happy to help Natalie in any way that I can.  She has my highest recommendation as a trainer and my full support.  ~ Jennifer

“What makes Natalie a great trainer is she always keeps things fresh, pushes you, but makes you laugh along the way. Working out should always be this fun!”  ~ Christine

I always thought that my body was designed to be a walker ONLY not a runner…….. but after doing a “learn-to- run” program with Natalie, my mindset and my body has changed!  Natalie was very patient and attentive to my limitations from past injuries.  She tailored my sessions in a way that prevented my injuries from reoccurring, while still achieving my fitness goals.  Natalie’s positive attitude, guidance, encouragement and support has inspired me to continue running even on the days I don’t see her.  I could have never obtained the same results without Natalie’s help!!!  ~ Julie

I’ve worked with Natalie throughout 2011 and 2012 whether it was through personal training or boot Camp and am so happy about my success with her.

Being overweight, I struggle and become discouraged when it comes to working out. When I work with Natalie she makes me feel so incredibly comfortable in my body, encourages me to push myself and is always there to help me improve.   Before I started with Natalie I had injured my knee in a non-sports related incident. When I came to her, she managed to give me a FULL body workout without causing any pain or discomfort to my knee whatsoever! I was incredibly pleased, and very impressed.

I have come to the realization that I will always need to be a part of something in order to get a good work out – whether it is personal training or boot camp class. I lack the motivation to work out on my own and need that “push” to get going. Natalie has been that push for me to get motivated and is quickly helping me achieve my weight loss and strengthening goals!

My fiance Matt and I started doing a duo training session with Natalie in March 2012 and we love it! Matt works out of town so the little time we spend together is precious – being able to train together is a blessing to our relationship and so much fun! It is even a good challenge (as we push each other while we are working out together!)   Natalie is fantastic, full of energy and so much fun to work with! I would never choose another trainer and highly recommend her to anyone looking to get into shape. ~ Ash