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Around the Bay 30K

30 Mar Posted by in Boot Camp | Comments
Around the Bay 30K

Today was my big race of 2014 so far ~ Around the Bay 30k!!

Drove down to Hamilton with Dee and Ashley in her car.  Great to see so many people and familiar faces. The race started off well with the sun breaking through the clouds and not much wind.  It was so great running with Ashley, she truly is a wonderful person, always laughing and making me laugh too.  We always have great conversation while running our long runs including a little dirty talk :-) Hey, I didn’t smell any weed this year from spectators.

Overall the race was planned very well and it was great to see so many people out volunteering and working so hard, including the police in vehicles and bikes!

I let Ashley go forward as I was struggling a bit and didn’t want to slow her down. At 25k I started getting calf cramps, I took salt pills, gels, water and it just wasn’t enough…it was a lot warmer than we thought.

Saw Dave, great inspiration…it wasn’t your fault that I struggled after I saw you hehehe. Took my last gel going up the wonderful big hill at 26k.  Saw the grim reaper “Tim” and said hi to him from Penny that couldn’t make it out (there will be other awesome races we will run together).  Cramping all the way, last aid station I chugged some gatorade and it helped finish the race. Headed to the coral at the end, wished they had gatorade or something to help me, but I was fine afterwards. Not my best race but so glad I finished!

We met up with other runners for  bite to eat and picked up a few hitch hikers on the way back…Vicki and Jordan, great chatting with you both. Nice to be home and have a hot salt bath and cuddle with my baby Patches (my feline friend).

Thanks to all my friends that always support me, you guys did awesome, even the ones that weren’t there (Penny, Mary, Matt, etc.)

Still love running, onto the next race!!

Shout out to: @WLUGSAPrez, @PennyWalford, @RunWaterloo, @dela_2012, @ENDURdave, @VicZanRan, @tdirsteinrmt, @jordandschmidt, @DrSeanDelanghe

Thanks for reading my running adventure @NATRUNR